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I have been teaching ski classes since 1995, this is how some of my pupils feel about my lessons.

You can find my video training sessions on my training videos page

Latest Testimonials 

Dear Bob

Just wanted to thank for your books and YouTube channel.

I'm currently on holiday, haven't skied for 3 years and on Monday took a ski school skiing lesson.

Completely confusing! Stand up, crouch down, bend ze knees etc. Fell over 6 times and assumed at nearly 70 my skiing days were over.

Found your books on Tuesday;  started using “the Beetle” and “Grape” analogies and have since had two great days.

Obviously much to learn still from your content as I've only skimmed the surface,  but so far so fantastic. Just thought you'd like to know you have saved my skiing 'career'.

Kindest regards

John (March 2022)

Dear Bob,

I have just returned from three skiing days in Les Houches and wanted to say a massive thank you for your coaching support.

Wow, I am actually saying that I will confidently be able to ski on red runs - so your “beyond” stage, is starting to feel possible in time!!

I have read all your books and watched every video now.... it's rare to find someone who can make such an impact from afar. You have given me a toolkit that has just opened up the whole mountainside to me to enjoy and ski left your readers with a teaser about "stable doors" and "powder" so hope the next book comes out soon

A massive thanks from a developing skier who really can now see it will be possible to ski any slope in any condition - the journey is well underway - all that's left for me to do is keep up quality practice with intent, continue to notice and explore, and give it time. I could never have believed that coaching via email could be so effective.

Your coaching has literally transformed my skiing for life.

Very best wishes,

Will (March 2022)

Hi Bob,


I am almost done reading Ski In Control for the first time. I am at Smuggler’s Notch for 3 days to practise on the easiest green trail.


Thank you so much, Bob! I am thrilled to say that it snowed several inches and I skied in control today, using plough to slow myself in control over patches of ice, and creating controlled arcs. One of the only times I enjoyed skiing!!

Thank you again!

Be well,

Lisa (USA)

Hi Bob,


We returned from Saalbach yesterday so I thought I’d update you on how the week went ... it was bloody brilliant!


Tony remarked on how different my skiing was and I didn’t get the ‘dread’ that I’ve had for the last couple of ski hols. I coped with the runs and actually looked forward to skiing each day ... it was fun! I wasn’t the fastest on the slopes but I used my ‘toolbox’ of techniques you showed me and got down. I actually stayed upright all week.


So, a very BIG thank you for showing me how to ski in control. Knowing I could stop on any piste was the one thing I wanted to come away with from your course, and I did – plus so much more.


That confidence, and finally understanding how skiing ‘works’, made the difference between whether or not last week’s skiing with Tony was going to be my last ... it's not!  


I really enjoyed my week with you and all my new ‘beetle buddies’.  I hope you enjoyed your second week of coaching.

Jackie Stanbridge

I just read your e-mail and wanted to get in touch to say hello. 


I bought your first book earlier this year after coming back slightly discouraged from a skiing trip, it was like a revelation and I couldn't wait for your second book. I bought that as soon as it came out in paperback and I have been busy practicing the movements. I have found the training videos a huge help - really inspiring. I have two ski trips booked for January and February next year, and feel so much more positive than I have felt on previous trips - I can't wait to try and put everything into practice. I am off to our local snowdome in a couple of weeks for a pre-trip try-out so fingers crossed - I'll let you know how I get on. 

Donna McKenzie Skene

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Jess Hickman, Cardiff

So when he first started talking about beetles and grapes and ski moles and giraffes on the ski slopes you kinda think, how is this going to help my skiing and I’m fairly sure it should be how I work on my skis and how I work in the snow but actually those things that he’s taught us those small and he calls them childish games but those visual games have really helped me to learn. I think the way that Bob teaches gives you things that you can then take away so it's not just about you following somebody and being able to see progression just because you are following someone else’s arcs it's about you being able to take away the mental tools to use them again and again.


phil portrait.png

Phil Thompson, Cardiff

The way that Bob teaches it is fun and he’s trying to make the whole process of learning to ski a fun one. What I would say in the terms of the way that Bob has allowed us to remember these things, allowed us to visualize all these different techniques with regards to the Beatle and the grape, the mole and the giraffe and none of that was taught to me in any of the experiences I’ve had before over as I say some of the major ski resorts in Europe by some of the esteemed ski schools so it’s quite an eyeopener really and I would definitely say what I've learnt from Bob is far more structured, it’s far more practical, it’s far more useful and effective and, actually at allowing me to ski better. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been skiing for twenty years or for two years you can still have confidence and control on the slopes.


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Jane Corkill, Isle of Man

This week has been a really wonderful experience. I’ve learnt things about skiing that I’ve never even thought about before.


Bob’s made it all so clear and easy to understand, it’s made sense to me and I’ve been able to put it into practice, I hope.


I’ve got plenty to think about and I just want to put it into practice.


Previous Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Dr. Louise Meehan, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous week's coaching. I never thought I would do a red run and think it a blue or green.

Testimonial 3

Richard Barwick. Baqueira, 2014

"I thought the week was fantastic on many counts - but especially Bob your brilliant coaching. It all made sense to me. My self-confidence on the tricky stuff certainly improved to the point that if we had a chance to redo that off-piste slope again I would have gladly done it. So thanks again, Bob."

Testimonial 5

From Dr. Julian Squires, 2012

"Thanks for a great week in Gressony! Rifugio was a fantastic experience."

Testimonial 2

Dr. Anthony & Mrs. Lynette Evans, 2015

Learning a whole new way of skiing was a challenge after so many years but I felt more in control and confident at the end of the week using your methods. It helps to keep training simple and straightforward which was exactly how you do it. Thank you again for a great experience. (Tony)

Lynette also feels more confident and in control of her skiing. Will certainly recommend your courses to others, do give any prospective pupils our details if they wish to speak to us.

Testimonial 4

Richard Smith, 2013

"Your coaching approach was what I expected and thoroughly appreciated. You were able to explain the techniques in an exceptionally clear manner with greater effectiveness than I have experienced in the past. Without hesitation, I would recommend your coaching to others and hopefully, come again myself sometime."

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