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“Ski In Control”: How to ski ANY piste in full control ….” - my first skiing book is soon to be published in Japan.

The goal, as in the rest of the world is to introduce a sounder, more down to earth ski teaching process for skiers BEYOND ski school. Our hope is that this ski coaching process will be picked up not only by recreational skiers but also by ski schools, or at least the more alert and caring ski instructors.

“Akito's small gift to Bob”

Translator Akito Miyake, a ski instructor himself, and I have spent months jointly working out how my ski coaching explanations should be best put-over in Japanese. Not an easy task especially for him, because they obviously used different analogies and look at things in a different way.

The book will be published under a different title - “Coach Bob-san’s Warm-blooded Ski Lesson, No matter what age or gender. The key to advanced skiers is “control” of your mind and body. Let's understand the essence and process!”

It has taken almost a year already to get to this stage, but now the title is chosen and the same pictures and explanations will be used, the book should be on sale very shortly

I don't fully understand the “Warm-blooded” bit, but since I don't have a word of Japanese, and have no real knowledge of the country, I'm leaving that to Akito – he knows best.

Japan has a huge number of skiers, and vast areas of skiing territory. For many years the ski coaching methods of the English Ski Council – now known as Snowsport England – have been highly respected by Japanese Ski Coaches. This was through the efforts of John Shedden and his team in the 1970's.

The International ski teachers qualification – the IVSI - which is awarded through Snowsport England, is equally highly respected.

The ski instruction industry, like all giant organisations, is slow to change. Our hope is that by slowly chipping away at it, using my books, blogs, Youtube videos more ski schools and ski instructors will learn how to help recreational skiers better by using these processes.

Even if that doesn't happen, I know from the skiers I have taught that increasing numbers of recreational skiers will take their skiing into their own hands, begin using these ideas, and develop themselves into far better skiers than they ever believed possible.

I certainly hope so.

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