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Could ski coaching by email ever match ski school ?

Answer: Yes. And be far more effective.

The idea of ski coaching by email probably seems strange to you. But it works.

It works by my co-operating closely with you and your specific questions and needs, initially frequently then, I find, reducingly often as your understanding of the processes involved, and your personal practices improve.

This works, just as on a snow slope. It does not require me to “demonstrate”; I've said all along that you will not be able to learn how to ski well by watching someone else.

One famous ESC Skiing Coach used to teach on a plastic slope which was kept slick by jets of water shooting from each side. He used to teach by standing in the middle in a pair of wellington boots. Never did any skiing. He was extremely successful, and highly thought of.

You need to :

1. Ask questions

2. Think about the answers

3. Read up my books on the specific topic - get your copy from amazon UK

Ski In Control: How to ski ANY piste, anywhere, in full control.: Man or Woman Young or Old

Skiing from Greens to Reds and beyond...: A skiing workbook to really give you confidence (Ski In Conrol 2)

4. Maybe go visit Ski in Control with Bobski on my YouTube Channel where I share lots of tips and tricks to help you ski effectively.

5. Go and do some practice

6. Get back to me with more questions

7. Check your Ski Level

8. Watch some more of my training videos

9. Repeat, from step 1 above.

As support for my contention, I add below extracts from a couple of very recent pupil's letters. Judge for yourself.



Dear Bob,

I have just returned from three skiing days in Les Houches and wanted to say a massive thank you for your coaching support.

Wow, I am actually saying that I will confidently be able to ski on red runs - so your “beyond” stage, is starting to feel possible in time!!

I have read all your books and watched every video now.... it's rare to find someone who can make such an impact from afar. You have given me a toolkit that has just opened up the whole mountainside to me to enjoy and ski left your readers with a teaser about "stable doors" and "powder" so hope the next book comes out soon

A massive thanks from a developing skier who really can now see it will be possible to ski any slope in any condition - the journey is well underway - all that's left for me to do is keep up quality practice with intent, continue to notice and explore, and give it time. I could never have believed that coaching via email could be so effective.

Your coaching has literally transformed my skiing for life.

Very best wishes,

Will (March 2022)


Dear Bob

Just wanted to thank for your books and YouTube channel.

I'm currently on holiday, haven't skied for 3 years and on Monday took a ski school skiing lesson.

Completely confusing! Stand up, crouch down, bend ze knees etc. Fell over 6 times and assumed at nearly 70 my skiing days were over.

Found your books on Tuesday; started using “the Beetle” and “Grape” analogies and have since had two great days.

Obviously much to learn still from your content as I've only skimmed the surface, but so far so fantastic. Just thought you'd like to know you have saved my skiing 'career'.

Kindest regards

John (February 2022)

Only six months before we can ski again, until then you may want to check out some of my other posts


Bob Trueman

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