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Nervous Skiers - Don't Just Ski Have An Adventure!


Ski schools have failed them.

Instructors haven't understood them.

Nobody cares about them.


They want to overcome their fears and realise their potential.   Look up what they've written after skiing on my courses.

Why I created a different ski learning process?

Advanced and expert skiers do not get to achieve their standard by just going to ski school. They achieved it through ski coaching, not "ski instruction".


Advanced skiing is a different game to intermediate skiing, requiring a slightly different way of thinking.

Check Your Ski Level

What Ski level are you?


Check which level you're at with Bob's check your ski level's page: 

Learn how to perfect your technique



  • Raise your self-confidence

  • Dispel your fears

You really can no matter how you ski at the moment!

Dr. Mary Drake, 2015

'After skiing for 20 years, I haven't felt so good after a holiday since the first time I strapped on a pair of skis. I learned lots, skied tougher slopes than I thought possible and had loads of fun. This was echoed by all the other course attendees. I would recommend your coaching course to anyone who wants to improve and increase their enjoyment of skiing. I definitely want to come along in the future'. 

Jackie Stanbridge

A very BIG thank you for showing me how to ski in control. Knowing I could stop on any piste was the one thing I wanted to come away with from your course, and I did – plus so much more.


That confidence, and finally understanding how skiing ‘works’, made the difference between whether or not last week’s skiing with Tony was going to be my last ... it's not!  


I really enjoyed my week with you and all my new ‘beetle buddies’.  I hope you enjoyed your second week of coaching.  See more


This film highlights the importance of adopting the correct ' ready for action' posture and the importance of physical and mental preparedness.     


See more instruction films

Check your Ski Level

Ski Courses

See What My Students have said







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Ski In Control 

How to ski Any piste anywhere in full control

 “This is a great book especially for

             recreational  skiers” 


                  Tom Stiansen

        World Slalom Champion


Skiing from

Greens to Reds and beyond . . .


A ski workbook to really give you confidence



Written to complement the YouTube series with explanations and practices.

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Accelerated Ski Learning - using a highly developed method of ski coaching, I teach controlled skiing that enables you to improve and perfect your skiing quickly.

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